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WW | My project to lose 39 pounds in 39 weeks before my 39th birthday

Posted on Sunday, June 28, 2015

I don’t want to make this blog a weight loss blog. However, if this blog is related to my life experiences, I can’t avoid talking about my weight loss process here. After lots of thinking, here I go.



I want/need to lose 80+ pounds. I joined Weight Watchers (WW) again on March 17th 2015. I lost 9.4 lb. in 4 weeks. Then, I stopped losing weight for a few weeks. Then, I gained 4 lb. back. Now I am 5.4 lb. lighter.




The other day I thought it could be interesting to lose 39 pounds before my 39 birthday. I made the math and realized that I had more than 39 weeks until my next birthday. So, I decided to create a project to:

lose 39 pounds in 39 weeks before my 39th birthday.

It sounded fun and doable. However, I was unsure if I was ready for it.




Last week WW meeting’s topic was “Keep your ‘why’ close by” with the suggestion of creating a vision board to help bring motivation to life. During the meeting, I thought: that is it, my 39 pounds project!

I didn’t want to cut and paste random images to illustrate my vision board, so I decided to find an image of myself.




In September 28th 2012, my weight was 206.2 lb., that is 40.4 lb. lighter than today (just a little bit more than those 39 pounds eh!).




I searched my 2012 September photos, and guess what I found:




Yes, I found a picture of myself dated as September 26th 2012: two days before I weighed 206.2 lb. This is perfect because I know how I want to look like in 39 weeks.


I will do my best for this project succeed, and if it happens, my weight will be 207.6 lb. at the end of March 2016 (just 1.4 lb. more I was in the picture above).

To be even better, I still have that jeans and that blue Tommy shirt. So, it will be amazing to celebrate my 39th birthday wearing those clothes again!




The metal rings? Oh, yeah! I have 39 metal rings and I will attach them weekly according to my weight loss and make a chain.




START DATE: June 24th 2015 (246.6 lb.)

END DATE: March 22nd 2016 (207.6 lb.)

>> I hurt my back last Wednesday, so I am unable to do my evening walks since then. If I don’t lose 1 pound this week, or if I gain any pound due to medication’s effect, I will set my starting date as June 30th 2015 and ending date as March 29th 2016 (the exact day I will celebrate my 39th anniversary).

SHARIN’ DAY | # 05

Posted on Friday, June 26, 2015

Almost a year after the last SHARIN’ DAY post, I am back!

Beautiful Calla Lily flowers at my front door.

Beautiful Calla Lily flowers at my front door.


Indeed. Project Life should be just fun. Period.

I am in love for Lacey’s amazing container gardens!

An office full of nail polish? Yeah!

I need some of these lovely face blankets (the owl and the fox ones, please!).



SHARE | My most beautiful Project Life page + What I was doing wrong

Posted on Monday, April 20, 2015

This is my most beautiful Project Life page ever! And I am so happy with it!



Things I like on this page:

  • It is simple.
  • The colours match.
  • It is clear.
  • There are few embellishments.
  • There is a brush by Karla Dudley (I love her brushes!).
  • The journaling is typed.
  • The photos in the 3×4 pockets are 3×3 – big enough to see the details.


But I am going to share with you how long it took for me to really like one of my pages and what I was doing wrong.



I am from a country in which everything scrapbooking is very expensive, so I used to play with my photos on my computer and to make some scrapbook pages online. I started to make digital Project Life pages around the beginning of 2012.

As soon as I arrived in Canada at the end of 2012, I decided to start buying scrapbooking stuff to create physical albums. I was not able to buy everything at once, so I bought a few scrapbooking 12×12 patterned paper in December 2012. [Note: There are no scrapbook stores here, only one (very expensive) Michaels.]

In January of 2013 I felt in love with the Seafoam Project Life Core Kit, and I ordered it at Scrapbooker’s Inner Circle online store. Even though I knew I could not start making my pages, I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to have this amazing kit.

In February of 2013, I bought two binders and pocket pages design A. I was studying English here in Canada, and I did not have free time to play with my new stuff.

I kept buying things here and there: stickers, embellishments, more papers, alphabets, etc.

Because I am the kind of person who likes to start things in January, or at number one, I decided to start my first Project Life album in January of 2014.




Without noticing, I turned my passion for keeping memories to passion to buy scrapbook stuff. I don’t have so many things as some scrapbookers I see on Internet, but I certainly have more things than I need.

Thankfully, I realized that I was only buying and not creating, so I started to organize my stuff: I printed and cut my digital tags (otherwise I will not use them), I cancelled my SC subscription and decided to buy ONLY kits that I really like (I buy few things once in a while now), I organized my digital brushes because I never knew where they were, I had some digital cards printed at Staples (I have a folder in my computer only for those cards I really want to have printed), I made my lovely drawer and sorted all my embellishments by colour (the best thing I did!), I cut some plain colored papers and made a few PL cards, and I made a (big) plan for my hobby two days before the new year started.

Lots of accomplishments, but things were still not happening around here.




Some weeks ago, I realized that I have lots of things to play with, the majority of them are organized, but I was not making Project Life pages.

Why not?


These is what I was doing wrong:


Mistake #1

My photo printer was in the box.

Sometimes I have a few minutes (or I am spending my precious time doing nothing useful on Internet), and it is an opportunity to print some photos. However, because my printer was in the box and the box was in the closet, I was not printing my photos and consequently I was not scraping.


Mistake #2

I didn’t know how to use my printer, and I didn’t want to put ink and paper into the garbage bin.

The printer is now on the table beside my computer. Good. However, I was not satisfied with the colours of the photos after printed.

I had to have courage to spend some ink and some expensive paper to find the best configuration for the results I was expecting.

Seriously, I have around thirty 4×6 photos printed that won’t go to my photo album. (Keep those photos – I will tell you why in a moment!)


Mistake #3

I thought I knew what I like.

I think we spend so much time looking for other scrapbookers’ pages instead of trying to make our own pages.

I printed some 4×6 photos with borders, but I realized that I really love borders on photos if they are not in my PL pages. Because I like to round the corners of my PL cards, if I want consistency I can’t have borders, so I can round the corners of the photos too. (You can notice on this PL page that I have some photos with rounded corners and others without.)

For my 3×4 pockets, I printed 2.5×2.5 photos with large borders and a space at the bottom to write something, but I realized that I prefer 3×3 images without borders and some space for notes. I reprinted some of the photos after I realized my preference.

Here is the thing: I had 1/3 of January photos printed when I tried to use them in my PL pockets. Hopefully, it was not too much, so I could reprint some of them. However, if I hadn’t printed them, I would never know what I like or dislike.


Mistake #4

If I want to stamp on my photos, I just need to do it.

This was the most disappointing thing for me! I have a few clear stamps, the acrylic block, and two ink pads (white and black by StazOn).

My first attempt to stamp in white on a photo was a disaster. I didn’t know that there are different kinds of ink pads for different purposes. I din’t know if you don’t clean the StazOn white ink quickly it can stay on your stamp forever.j

However, if I hadn’t tried to stamp, I would never know that I had some wrong supplies for my needs.


Mistake #5

I love my handwriting, so I will not have problems journaling on my cards as lots of scrapbookers do.

Did you hear my loud laugh? Yep, I just don’t like to have my handwriting on my cards even though I do love my handwriting. Because I was an elementary teacher, I always did something to improve my handwriting and many people praise me because of that. However, I prefer the cleanliness of typed journaling.

I have two double spreads of PL pages with my handwriting, but I reprinted some photos with typed journaling on them.

I also noticed that not all my pens are good for writing on my photo papers. Because of that, I am keeping the printed photos I don’t want to make tests for writing and stamping before doing it on the good photos.




The biggest lesson? If I haven’t started to print photos, and stamp, write, and play on/with them I would never know what I like and what I dislike.

It is April already, but because I am happy to discover my own way to make Project Life I am sure that I can deal with it.


My advice for those people that are buying stuff and not creating: (first) stop buying because you think that you will love those things in your pockets but maybe you won’t, and (second) start playing with what you already have because it is the only way to find out your own way of keeping memories.


I still have lots of things to learn, but I know that the only way to have an album that I am really proud of is making progress one step at a time.

CELEBRATE | My marquee love “J” letter by Heidi Swapp

Posted on Saturday, April 4, 2015

The easiest and most lovely project I have ever done!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I was walking at Michaels store and couldn’t believe when I saw a shelf with Heidi Swapp marquee love letters. I put everything that was in my basket back in their places and bought my “J” with 40% off.

In less than 15 minutes, I customized my lovely marquee “J” sign!

And I just adore the idea of having the template, so I can switch the background of my letter every time I want to!

Thank you, Heidi!


>> I want more letters to write some words around the house!