In the beginning of the year, I used some of my washi tape to organize a study schedule for the Winter semester. In that day, I felt in love with the chevron pattern.


Yesterday, I decided to buy a chevron stamp. During half an hour, I took a look at five different scrap stores and some Etsy shops.
Suddenly, I thought I could make my own chevron rubber stamp. And I did it!


1 flat school rubber (I had this one at home, and it was so soft to cut. Also, I liked the result after stamping with it.)
1 craft knife
a piece of chevron washi tape (optional – you can draw the lines if you want to)


Steps (it was so easy!):
      1. Place the washi tape in one of the sides of the rubber. (I chose the thinner side because I’d like a small chevron.)

2. Using the craft knife, cut on the lines and a little of the rubber. You don’t need to cut it so deep.

3. When you have all the lines cut, make a small cut in diagonal to free the chevron you want to be empty (with no ink).

4. In less than 10 minutes you are done! I really liked my new chevron rubber stamp!


Happy stamping!