I am collecting digital files (buying or downloading free printable stuff) for almost a year. Today, I decided I would have fun printing and cutting tags. I really love tags!


I already had some Miss Mint tags (jazzers), and today I bought more Miss Mint pocket scrapbooking jazzers using this coupon.


  1. SAVE | Save all files in the same folder.
  2. DRAG & DROP | Drag and drop some of the tags to the Silhouette program. [I learned how to do this today and it saved my life!]
  3. RESIZE & ORGANIZE | Resize* the tags to fit the size you like. Remember to “lock aspect ratio” (see 3rd image below). Organize them to a better use of the paper. I duplicated those tags I know I’ll use more than once.
  4. PRINT | Print the tags. I printed the pages using an Epson Workforce 545.
  5. CUT | Cut the tags using Silhouette. I like to cut them twice.
  6. HAVE FUN!

I printed and cut more than 200 tags. Hooray! 


These are the Miss Mint pocket scrapbooking jazzers I’ve used today in my “printing and cutting” game:

Berry Sweet Kit | Destination Adventure Kit | Daily Snip-its v.01Daily Snip-its v.02

Funktography Edition Jazzers | Hello Love Jazzers | Labels & Tags v.01 | Spring Garden Edition Jazzers


* To resize the tags I chose: 5cm (longest edge); or 0.7cm for very long strips (shortest edge); or 2cm for squared tags; or 3cm for balloons.


I still have lots of other tags in files somewhere in my computer. I’ll print them in the same way I did today because I just loved the result and enjoyed the process. Now, I just need more time to make some Project Life pages with my new tags! 😀



IMPORTANT: If I did not make the process clear, please, write me in the comments. It will be my pleasure to correct any information to better help you!

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