I blog since 2004, but I created this new blog last year. I really wanted something new, to start fresh.

I have plans for this blog like improving the layout, and making a schedule of postings to share my daily life and projects 2-3 times a week.

However, even though I have some ideas, I was not creating time to write here. And I can confess the main reason: English is not my first language.

I ask myself if I would read a blog written by someone that is learning my mother language since we all like to read good blogs that are well written.

I know I will be an English learner forever, and I also know some of my weaknesses (prepositions, verb tenses, vocabulary).

I know that I have to practice to improve the language, but I also think about YOU that is on the other side of the monitor. Would you mind reading a blog with some language mistakes?

When I saw Sunday’s idea, I thought “This is a good opportunity to practice!” and here I am.

I am thankful for finding her post-challenge in my thousands of feeds and I think this will motivate me to keep writing after May.

Here we go, new friends! 😀

Thanks for your support!



> Blog Everyday in May is an amazing challenge created by Sunday from the blog Love Happy Daily. Take a look at the hastag #blogeverydayinmay on Instagram and meet new people around the world.
> Image is from here.
> I am open to suggestions to improve the language and, if you read something weird, please, your advice is welcome!