First of all, I want to thank for the kind words you wrote on my post yesterday! 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement!

Secondly, today is day two of the challenge Blog Every Day in May, and the prompt for today’s post is What’s in your cup?


I love cups. White ones. Striped ones. Mason jars. Mugs. And so on. However, they must have thin borders.

I usually start my day with a big mug full of black coffee.

After lunch, I need half-cup of black coffee again. Very hot.

During the day I drink some cups of tea. I just love tea. NO SUGAR, please! 

Before to sleep at night, one more cup of tea! 🙂 Every night!



In my home country, I had a Dolce Gusto coffee machine. I enjoyed a Mocha every two or three days. When I moved to Canada, I gave it as a gift to a friend. Here in Canada, I bought a Tassimo, but we didn’t fit at all because I cannot drink milk and some of their beverages are made with real liquid milk (Dolce Gusto uses milk powder which I do not have problems). I sold the Tassimo machine and bought the best coffee maker ever: a KitchenAid coffee maker. I also bought the coffee grinder. Did I say that this is the best coffee maker ever? It really is. I am buying coffee beans and I grind them only when I will make coffee. The smell is so good… It makes me remember my grandma making coffee for the family years ago. [I also bought the fresh Craft Coffee beans last month – I can talk about this experience another day.]

Let’s talk about tea. Ah, tea! My favourite drink ever! I drink lots of cups of tea every day for a long time now. My first addiction was green tea. Now I am drinking Lemon Thriller (President Choice). Since I love bitter drinks, I never drink tea with sugar or other kind of sweetener. And just (very) hot water; no milk in my tea.


How about you? Do you have more than one kind of cup/mug for your drinks? Do you have a ritual for daily cups?



>Blog Everyday in May is an amazing challenge created by Sunday from the blog Love Happy Daily. You can read my other posts about the challenge here. Also, take a look at the hastag #blogeverydayinmay on Instagram and meet new people around the world.

> It is late here. I will comment on some blogs tomorrow because I tried yesterday using the iPad and it didn't work. ;)

> Striped mug is from Indigo/Chapters. Small flowered cup was made in England, and I bought it when I visited the Government House for the Victorian Tea (people donate china and some volunteers sell them after the tea).