I have been struggling with the amount of things I’d like to do because I am in a Masters degree program and I do not have the time I desire to do other projects.

Scrapbooking/Memory keeping is one of my favourite hobbies. However, as a perfectionist person, I never start my pages when I know I will not have time to do them as I’d like or I will not have time to finish them (and it means to put everything back in a box until the next available time).

This has been stressing me out. As a way to be involved with this hobby I have been buying products.

Weeks ago, someone posted on Facebook:

I want to collect memories, not stuff.

So do I. 🙂


Thus, as a first step, I decided to organize the digital stamp brushes I bought or downloaded as freebie:


These 3 sheets I organized this afternoon. I stamped each brush on a page using Photoshop CS6. On the bottom of the left side, in blue, I wrote the name of the stamp pack + the name of the designer. I will put the sheets on a binder, so I know what I have and I can use them.


My LESS IS MORE for today is buy less and play more.

[Do you believe that I bought twice two of these packs because I never know what I have on my computer? Sad but true.]



> Digital stamp packs you can see above: by Karla Dudley Stamp Press | Life (my favourite) and Life Story March '14, and by Miss Mint Daily Stamps v. 04.
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