I have something to confess to you all. Today is April 28 and this is the first post I wrote when I saw the challenge (link below).

WHY? Because I took a look at the whole list to have an idea about what I should write each day, and when I read day 24, “If you could have 3 people to dinner tonight, who would you invite?”, with tearful eyes I suddenly remembered my parents.

How amazing it could be!

Have a dinner with my parents? My mother passed away when I was 12. My father followed her 6 years ago.

How it could be to have dinner with them, we 3 (see the name of my blog!), 25 years after we did this for the last time? What would we talk about? About how much we missed each other? I never thought about this… and it is amazing.

Mom, Dad! I pray for you two to be doing well wherever you are at this moment. I am sure you can feel my love!



Blog Everyday in May is an amazing challenge created by Sunday from the blog Love Happy Daily.
> We had dinner together for the last time on February 21, 1990.
> You can read my other posts about the challenge here> I quit the challenge on May 06.