These are the two main questions around the project “Drawers to organize my Project Life embellishments”:


1. How long it would take to make a set?

Four hours for 6 drawers. Or less, if you are not detail-oriented like me. 🙂

2. Do the drawers move in and out easily?

Not all of them. One moves perfectly; two moves in and out okay; and three are too tight. However, it is not a problem because I will not keep moving them; I will take the drawers out only when working with the embellishments.

Remember to keep the drawer inside the “case” when placing the tape to make sure the drawer will have enough space to move. Anticipating that not all drawers would move in and out easily, I kept the back open, so I can “help” to take the drawer out pushing it, when necessary. To be sincere, the handle is more an ornament than an object of utility!




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PS. If you made the drawers, share a picture of them and the link of your blog here in the comments!