Today I want to share how I print two single 3×4 cards at home. I just do it when I am writing a tutorial and need a picture of the cards, or if I really need only two 3×4 cards for a project at that moment and can’t wait for printing them at Staples.

I use white paper and my printer is an Epson Workforce 545.

This is an example of a page with two 3×4 cards:





Steps for printing two 3×4 cards at home:

  1. Open a new document 4×6 inches on Photoshop.
  2. Open, copy, and paste two 3×4 cards (png or jpeg).
  3. Make sure the cards are align, or align vertical centers.
  4. Add 1px stroke (inside) to one of the cards.
  5. Copy and paste layer style to the second card.
  6. Print – do not scale to fit the page.

Click to enlarge photos: