I read this question here, and it resonates with me.

What am I creating now?

It is a good question. I realize that I still spend so much time watching others’ creations than creating my own. I am amazed with others’ creativity on their blogs and projects, but I am sure it will be much more pleasurable if I dedicate this time to my creations. This is the reason that made me think about the question and share my thoughts about it here.

Creative people will answer this question with a different answer every week. And I want to do it too.

For today, I have poor answers:

  1. I am creating a map for our trip to Calgary tomorrow. It has been funny, but I am not able to open the Google Map on Google Maps app for iPhone. Any suggestion?
  2. I am creating a mental visual organization for my scrap stuff because I want to visit an IKEA in Calgary to buy Råskogs (there is no IKEA in my city, and I have never visited an IKEA before). I am excited! I want to buy two Råskogs. I am planning to use our nightstands in my creative place and use the Råskogs as nightstands. Let’s see…
  3. I am creating an easy way to store my alphabets. I do no have many, but I want to have them organized.

See, nothing very creative. 😦

I want to change this situation: (a) spend less time on the internet and play more with my scrap stuff, (b) blog about my creative time, and (c) be proud of my creations!

How about you? What are you creating now?