Since I knew we had to travel to Calgary for a meeting, I decided to transform the whole day into an enjoyable event.

After we arrived in Canada, almost two years ago, we couldn’t afford a trip to know new places around the country.

So here is the plan for today:

  • We will fly very early in the morning (probably when you are reading this, we are almost there).
  • Our meeting is late in the morning, and it will finish in the beginning of the afternoon. After that, we are FREE!
  • We will walk around to find a place for lunch (I saw a place watching “You gotta eat here”, and we plan to eat there!).
  • Then, we will visit the famous Heritage Park. I hope to take great photos there!
  • After that, if nothing needs to be changed, we will take a bus to IKEA. Did I tell you that I have never visited an IKEA store before?
  • And, we will fly back home at 1am of the next day.

Calgary, here we go!



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