So, I visited an IKEA for the first time! My husband and I walked around the showroom for almost two hours. Since we were in another province, I just bought what I can’t buy online (I am thankful for all great ideas I have received on Facebook when I asked for tips to carry the Råskogs by bus).


Products I bought at the store (on Wednesday):

1 | Gullgosse (I love this cuddly king!)

2 | three red Bygel containers

3 | blue Jansjo led clamp spotlight

5 | Fintorp flatware caddy, green

6 | Fintorp flatware caddy, white

7 | Chosigt grater with container


Products I bought online (today):

4 | Fintorp condiment stand

8 | two Grundtal rails

9 | two turquoise Råskogs

10 | dark gray Råskog


Since there weren’t Fintorp flatware caddies at the store, I bought the green (5) and the white (6) ones from the showcase for 1/2 of the price!

Also, I bought two turquoise Råskogs because I am planning to use them as nightstands. The dark gray Råskog is for our kitchen. I know that scrappers around the world use their Råskogs to store scrap stuff, but I saw these pictures and fell in love!