It was good to read Elise’s post about photo storage.

I am embracing things I really like and do well and trying to stop desiring to be (organized, creative, and so on) as someone else.

I’d love to have my photos labeled. But they are not labeled.

Only 2014 photos are in folders by year, month and date. And this is enough to me. Why? Because I get nervous each time I try to organize them: I have so many photos.

I had to forget perfection and accept small steps to move forward. I really want to have some photos printed to do Project Life (I started organizing my cards and elements).

Tonight, I moved each daily folder for its place (January to July 2014). I am using Adobe Bridge CS6 to storage my photos. Also, I started playing with July photos:

  • I am giving 5 stars to those photos I really want to print for my Project Life albums.
  • Then, I “show” the 5 stars photos to make sure they are really good to be printed.
  • After that, I “show” only unrated photos to make sure that I will not miss those photos. In other words, that I do not mind if I delete them.
  • If I took photos only for blogging, I move them to a folder named “for blogs”.

It is time consuming, but it is the only way I found to have my photos categorized at least into two categories: (1) print, and (2) do not print.

I love taking photos, printing photos, playing with photos on photoshop. So, I decided that I have to relax and enjoy the process, or the zillion photos will not be printed, and I will not see them.

It is sad having so many photos inside the computer, only.


This is the winner photo from the selection above.