I noticed that I don’t use what I don’t know I have. Yes, I know I have some (or many) brushes, but I never know where they are or which ones I do have.

Following the example of my embellishments, I have no doubts that I will use my brushes if I can find them when I need. So, today I will share how I have organized my brushes to use on my Project Life pages.




After playing a little loading and deleting brushes, I felt confident to take the steps below to organize my brushes on Photoshop. Yes, I was afraid of deleting them all and then not finding them again. I just deleted them after making sure I still have the “.abr” files to load the brushes as many times as I want. Basically, I followed these steps to organize my brushes. It looks difficult, but it is super easy. I spent less than two hours to organize around 50 “.abr” files, and it was worth it!

Here is how I have organized my brushes (+ these steps – I will not attempt to explain the main steps because the video is very well done):

  1. I deleted all brushes that were already installed on my Photoshop CS6.
  2. I found the brushes on my computer (search for “.abr”).
  3. I opened one file at a time to know its content and to decide if I want to keep them or not. (Some time ago, I found some free brushes that have no designer’s name. These I deleted from my computer. Now I only have those I bought from scrapbook designers.)
  4. Then, I organized them alphabetically by designer.

Now, I will print the brushes as I started doing three months ago. My intention is to look the printed brushes while I am selecting the photos to print, so I know if I need to add a brush on the photo before to print it.


PS.: I did not reinstall the basic brushes that came with Photoshop, but I saved the files just in case I need them.


How do you organize your digital brushes? Any different idea?