Each new day I feel that I want to live with less. Less information. Less objects. Less goals. Less to do lists. Less, just less.

Yesterday I started to delete all unread and non useful emails. Also, I am unsubscribing from lots of newsletters that, for any reason, one day, I have subscribed to them.

It is interesting because 5 minutes after I started deleting and unsubscribing to the newsletters, I felt anxious, and thought about stopping doing it. The reason is because my email box is a mess, with more than 5 thousand emails. However, there is just a way to stop the stress that my email is causing me: (1) organize the mess, (2) delete the trash, and (3) start fresh and new.

I took a deep breath and kept doing it, one by one. I feel much better now, even though I haven’t finish it. I am seriously engaged on the idea of changing what I want to see/live different.


My email is from Gmail, so I am opening each email, unsubscribing from the newsletter, looking for more messages with the same sender, and deleting all of them.

Simple as that.


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