Some thoughts about my Week in the Life 2014:


  • Since I was not able to do my 2014 Project Life albums due to my study time this year, I decided to do at least a mini album for the Week in the Life.
  • I tried to participate of the Week in the Life some years ago posting photos on my old blog, but I did not succeed.
  • It will be the first time I am motivated to do the Week in the Life using an album.
  • I bought Ali’s kit + album because I am in love with its stamps set and big numbers (it did not arrive yet).
  • I am thinking about using the same album for more than a year of Week in the Life to be able to see the changes year by year.


  • Today, I took some photos using my phone Samsung S5, and my new camera Samsung Galaxy. I was not able to register the light snow with them as I’d like, so I took some photos of the snow with my old DSLR (that I was planning to sell – I need to reevaluate this).
  • I will not edit the photos for the daily posts, but I will do it before printing them.
  • I am planning to use all main photos in the album.


  • I will use a gold 6×8 album as soon as it arrives. My plan is to print and organize the album during this week because I will travel to Seattle next week, and I imagine I will not have time to do the album in the following days.

My husband’s day/week:

  • I asked him to help me taking some photos of his day when we are not together. Of course he forgot, but as soon as we talked about it again, he took a few photos today. 🙂

Sharing my week (it is a plan!):

  • I am sharing some photos on my Instagram during the day.
  • I am planning to share all the photos I like on daily posts here on the blog – starting tomorrow. Because I will not have time to add journaling here, I will add some words or time on the photos.
  • I am planning to share my Week in the Life album when it is done.