I noticed that I was not having the same pleasure I used to have while reading blogs from my blog reader. So, I decided to delete some of them.

Yesterday, with many things to do, but no motivation at all to do them, I opened EACH ONE OF the 400+ blogs I had on my blog reader, took a serious look at the last few posts, and made a decision to keep them or not.

I am learning to value the time I have for working on things I like. Thus, I am discovering the things I like most, and I want to organize my life and my stuff to DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY.

I am also realizing that I will not have time on this life to do and learn every single thing I want. This, I think, is helping me to delete certain things from my life without pain; as I did with 300+ blogs yesterday.


Here are some of the questions/thoughts I had before clicking at the tab ‘unfollow’:

No beautiful and big images? Delete.

Not my style? Delete.

Mixing too many topics? Delete.

What is this blog doing on my reader? Delete.

I saw this post before. And I know I didn’t like it. Delete.

I don’t have time for this. Delete.

I will not miss this. Delete.


Now what?

My blog reader doesn’t have blogs organized by folder.

My blog reader has 78 blogs – yes, still too much. I will keep an eye to my new fresh list of blogs and delete those that don’t deserve a place on it.

Guess what! I AM HAPPY with my new clean blog reader!