To accomplish my goals, and also simple daily tasks, I really need to build SELF-DISCIPLINE. I am glad that, even though SELF-DISCIPLINE is not a simple ability, I have identified it as necessary, and it is something everyone can learn.

However, SELF-DISCIPLINE requires, in my opinion, planning and a routine.


Due to that, I developed 5 steps that I want to take from Monday to Saturday, starting at 6am:


STEP ONE – Inspiration, intention for the day, and meditation

Currently, I enjoy watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, Oprah Prime, and Oprah Master’s Class. I have been recording the programs, so I can watch one of them when I need inspiration, or when I have a free time. I always learn something, and/or make some notes to search more later. Even though I prefer reading before sleep time, once in a while I will read instead of watching a program on TV.

The intention for the day can be written or made mentally, or also the tasks on my agenda.

Meditation… ah, meditation! It is something I really want to incorporate in my life. I made some attempts in the past, but before to sleep. I want to try it as one of the first things I will do in my day, or during a break, or when needed.


STEP TWO – Study English

[1 pomodoro*]

2015 will make a difference in my English skills. I really want to communicate in English error free. For that, I will study something (grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, etc.) daily.


STEP THREE – Study for my Master’s Degree (read, write, research)

[4 to 6 pomodoros*]

This year will be fundamental for my research. I do not have time to waist with other things. Doing this Master’s Degree is my choice, so there is no discussion about it. SELF-DISCIPLINE, SELF-DISCIPLINE, SELF-DISCIPLINE.


STEP FOUR – Hobby time

After 5 to 7 hours of study (English + research), I will deserve a free time. I will probably be ready for free time around 3 – 4pm. I will use this time for a variety of things I want to do: photography, Project Life, reading as a hobby, doing new projects, learning something new. Whatever I want to do at that moment, I will do.


STEP FIVE – House time

After playing one or two hours, I will clean or organize something around the house. I have a big list of things-house related to do!



*I am using the Pomodoro Timer Lite app for Android. My Pomodoros are 50-minutes work + 10-minutes break. Sometimes I take a 30-minutes break after 2 completed Pomodoros.

IMPORTANT: To be able to do these 5 daily steps, I am going to bed around 8pm.

>> I will share soon my first days taking these steps.