My husband and I are going to visit our families in less than two weeks. It will be a quick trip out of the country because we are no longer on vacation or holiday.

The other day, while planning things for the trip, I took a note on my Wunderlist to remember to clean the house and make the bed with clean sheets the day before we leave. Why did I take a note about that if I switch the sheets of my bed weekly? Because the hours before leaving for a trip are always too busy, and I want to make sure to have time for those tasks too. After typing, I thought “Why clean sheets?” The thought became lost and with no answer in the middle of my most urgent tasks of that day.

Today, I found not only a great article to read but also the answer for my question about making my bed with clean sheets before going for a 13-day trip:


Yes, I was planning something for my future self: the one that will come back home very tired after 24+ hours in planes, buses, taxis, and hours of waiting at airports.



> The image is from here.